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AsbestaPLAN Online has been specifically developed, using the most up-to-date technology to assist clients and duty holders to comply with their statutory duties in the management of ACM's within their premises.

AsbestaPLAN Online is a web-based database, where results from asbestos surveys can be uploaded and which enables duty holders to:


•  View an electronic database of their asbestos survey results for future use and reference

•  Ensure that an accurate and up-to-date record of the ACM's within their premises are available

•  Print off full Asbestos Data Sheets for issue to contractors, in-house maintenance staff and others who may carry out works in the vicinity of ACM's

•  Unde rtake a suitable and sufficient priority assessment of all real and suspected ACM's

•  Establish an editable, online record of the location of all confirmed and presumed ACM's in the form of an electronic Asbestos Register , which is prepared automatically from the data sheets

•  Be automatically reminded when data sheets have passed their review/reinspection dates – thereby helping to ensure the effective management of asbestos within the workplace

•  Identify when the asbestos survey information and risk assessments need to be reviewed and updated

•  Calculate the Total Risk Assessment Score, as required by HSG227, automatically from the information contained within the database

•  Readily identify and manage the of risk from Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM's) within their premises

•  Upload new and revised asbestos survey data following any review of the premises

•  Demonstrate to the HSE how compliance is being achieved in the management of asbestos within the premises

•  Access data from anywhere in the world via an internet connection

•  Establish security levels so that only persons with a valid username and password can access the data

•  Create different user and security levels , including read only and full editing rights

Ensuring Compliance

AsbestaPLAN Online has been designed to comply with the standards and requirements laid down by the UK Health and Safety Executive in the publications MDHS100 and HSG227 , as well as the duty to manage (Regulation 4) in the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002 .

By utilising AsbestaPLAN Online to assist with the management of risks associated with ACM's on your premises and by working in partnership with your surveyors, companies can be sure that they will comply with their statutory duties, as well as safeguarding the future health and safety of their employees and visitors to their site.

AsbestaPLAN Online enables survey data to be directly uploaded to our database, which is hosted remotely on a secure server. Only individuals with a valid password and username will be able to access the online asbestos data sheets and registers via a special login page.

The use of an Internet based solution means that companies are able to host their databases and asbestos registers centrally, whilst individuals in different offices, or different parts of the country can simultaneously view the same information.

AsbestaPLAN Online also afford companies' greater control and security of their data by enabling users to have different editing rights, such as read only or full editing rights. This feature could therefore enable companies to provide maintenance contractors and other staff with read-only access to their database.

The other major advantage of an online solution is that the management and updating of your asbestos information is greatly simplified and this can help duty holders to demonstrate, to the HSE, how they are continuing to comply with their:

‘Duty to Manage Asbestos Containing Materials' .

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